So I was just sitting comfy in my room

watching movies on netflix when I saw a huge spider in my room in the corner next to my bed. Usually I go after them with hairspray in one hand and a giant bridal magazine in the other but this one just seemed extra scary. So I asked my brother, who is also scared of spiders, to kill it for me. What’s his weapon of choice? A roll of toilet paper… not a piece of it, a circular roll of toilet paper to fit into a corner… so with this method he tries to squeeze the paper into the corner to kill the spider and the spider is GONE. Not dead, GONE!. So now I am paranoid not knowing where the spider is so I evacuated and now stuck on the couch.

And Stephen I know you know my tumblr so if you’re reading this, a roll of toilet paper is not a good weapon of choice.

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